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As we look forward to opening your new school, we have come across many questions from parents just like you. Although it’s still very early in the process, please review the questions below. If your question is not covered here, please do not hesitate to email info@watersetcharter.org or call 1-866-KIDS-USA

When will the new school be open?

The school is scheduled to open in August 2017.

Where will the new school be located?

Waterset Charter School will be located at 6540 Knowledge Lane Apollo Beach 33572.

What grades will be served? What are the proposed school hours?

We will open as a K-6 school for the first year and will add 7th and 8th grade in subsequent years. Our school hours are  be 8:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. for grades K-2 and 3:15 p.m. for grades 3-5. (a slightly longer school day than most traditional public schools)

How and when do I apply?

Open enrollment is expected to begin in February 2017. You may go to the school’s web site at www.watersetcharter.org. From there you will click the “Apply Here” button and follow the prompted steps. You will receive a confirmation when your application is accepted. If more applications are received than there are seats available, we will follow the lottery procedures found on the school website under enrollment.

How will the school be staffed? How will you choose the teachers and principal?

We will employ only highly qualified teachers with the appropriate certification for the content area to which they are assigned. But that isn’t enough. We will seek professional educators who have a deep passion to positively impact students’ lives. We will staff the school to best serve the needs of our student population. We will conduct a national search for the principal who best fits the needs of the school.

What will the school uniform look like? Where can we purchase them?

Our goal is to allow children the freedom to come to school, dressed comfortably and appropriately without unnecessary distractions, so that they can focus on learning instead of the latest designer labels. Our school uniforms will include attractive polos, shorts, skorts, pants, and sweatshirts with the school logo clearly visible. All uniform items will be available for purchase from an approved vendor that will be announced at a later time.

What Curriculum will be used?

We have contracted with Charter Schools USA as our Educational Management Organization. The CSUSA Educational Model will teach the State Standards through a Guaranteed and Viable Curriculum.  The school will use approved textbooks, technology, and literary resources to ensure students master the standards. The CSUSA Educational Model is based on the research of Robert J. Marzano’s What Works in Schools. The Guaranteed and Viable Curriculum ensures academic excellence in every classroom, and encourages steady academic progress toward mastery of State Standards as students build their knowledge and skills from one year to the next. The GVC is aligned to specific state standards and grade-level expectations.

When will we know what extra-curricular activities and sports will be offered?

We plan to offer a full array of extra-curricular activities based on student demand and staff’s ability to participate. Once students are enrolled, we will determine which activities will be offered based on students’ interest.

How can I get more information about the school?

Enrollment information sessions are expected to begin in February. We will advertise those dates on our Web site once location/dates/times have been confirmed.

Will the school offer before and after care?

Yes, we will offer before and after care for a minimal additional charge.

Will the school offer lunch? What if my child cannot afford it?

We plan to participate in the national school lunch program, which allows for students to receive free or reduced cost lunches if they are eligible.

Is transportation provided?

Limited transportation, or an equivalent reimbursement, may be provided to any student who falls under any of the of following categories:

  • Any student in grades K-8 who does not otherwise have access to an adequate educational facility or opportunity.
  • Any student in grades K-6 who is subjected to a hazardous walking conditions while en route to or from school.
  • Any student in grades K-8 who has a documented transportation need their current/valid IEP.

What are the qualifications to attend school?

Waterset Charter School will be open to all students that fall within the grade levels and meet required age and who reside in the state of Florida. We are tuition free schools of choice.

Do the students take the State Test or any other assessment?

Yes, our students will take standardized tests as required by all Florida public schools. The students will additionally take benchmark exams throughout the course of the year. The use of student assessment and performance data is vital to the CSUSA Educational Model, a continuous improvement process, which is not only used to improve student learning and achievement, but also used to evaluate and inform instruction.

To what degree is technology incorporated in the classroom?

We will provide 21st century classrooms that focus on student engagement. Technology resources such as interactive boards, document cameras, student computers, and student response systems are utilized at the school to increase student engagement and prepare students for 21st century skills. The data and communication available through the PowerSchool, ParentLink, and Edmodo also supports parent involvement.

Are arts and foreign language subjects included in the school’s curriculum?

Yes. The arts and world languages are included in the school’s curriculum at every level. Students will participate in electives for visual and musical arts as well as world languages such as Spanish. The Arts encompass both music and visual arts. The Arts are serious and rigorous academic subjects with the potential to help students achieve creativity, self-awareness, self-expression, and interactive and cooperative learning skills.

Does This School Accommodate Children with Special Needs?

Yes. We believe that ALL students can learn and take an individualized approach to students education. Students with disabilities will be educated in accordance with their IEPs. We provide a continuum of special education services. We follow the same identification, evaluation, placement, and due process procedures as other traditional public schools and follow federal, state, and district guidelines pertaining to students with special needs.

What are the tuition costs?

There are no tuition fees since we are a public school of choice.